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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Josephine, profiled by the University of Southern Maine

In October 2010, I was profiled by the University of Southern Maine. Here is what they wrote about me.

"Josephine Okot came to Portland from Sudan. She enrolled in USM with a goal “to work very hard, become a social worker…” and help others in the refugee community. “Everybody has different goals,” she told us, “but we all have the same dream. We want to be out there helping our community…so we can live a better life in Portland. I feel like I belong here.”

Today, I work for the Community Counseling Center as a social worker. I am very proud to be helping all kinds of people get the support they need during periods of grief and other traumas. I feel that my experience working with distressed people has prepared me well to serve all of Portland on the School Board.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Josephine receives endorsement from Maine League of Young Voters

On September 27, Josephine was endorsed by the Maine League of Young Voters. She was endorsed over the incumbent. Josephine, who is 29 and grew up in Portland, is honored by the endorsement, "I am the candidate for all voters concerned with improving our public schools and making the real changes needed for our children. My time in Portland schools prepared me for life and I want to make sure all of our students can attend schools without fear of bullying, have caring mentors who can prepare them for life after graduation and can get to and from school safely and quickly using as much public transportation as possible".